Our strickstrack-Team

Our Team


Annette Notter
Mrs Notter has re-designed the wool boutique stricktrack wool&lounge GmbH together with her team in the last 18 months. Fashion, wool and fabrics are her passion. And since February 2016 another dream has come true: the Online Shop.

Nicole Ammann
With Mrs. Ammann we have a competent, experienced knitter and crochetting in our team. Special knitting patterns are no problem for her. She will gladly show you how you can learn them and incorporate them in your project.

Veronika Thiel-Federer
New for our team we were able to engage Ms Thiel-Federer, knitting is her passion. She will be happy to help you realize your projects.

Brigitte Gasser Vogt
With Mrs. Gasser Vogt we were able to win another creative person. Doesn't matter if you have questions regarding knitting or sewing, she will gladly answer them. She is the one who designs and sews all the cute little babybodies.